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Revelation 19

1 After these [things] I heard like [a] great sound of [a] great crowd in heaven saying: Alleluia, the salvation and glory and power [is] of our God, 2 because true and just are his judgments. For he judged the great fornicatress which corrupted the land with her fornication, and he avenged the blood of his slaves from her hands. 3 And [a] second [time] they said: Alleluia, and her smoke ascends to the eons of eons. 4 And the twenty four elders and the four living [creatures] fell and worshipped the God having sat upon the throne, saying: Amen, Alleluia. 5 And [a] voice went out from the throne saying,
Be praising our God, all his slaves,
Those fearing him, the small and great.

6 And I heard like [the] sound of [a] great crowd, and like [the] sound of many waters, and like [the] sound of strong thunders, saying:

Alleluia, for our Lord God Almighty has reigned.

7 Let us rejoice and be glad, and let us give him glory, for the marriage of the lamb has come, and his wife has prepared herself, 8 and to her was given in order that she be clothed with shining white fine-linen, for the fine-linen is the just [deeds] of the holy [ones]. 9 And he says to me: Write: Blessed [are] those called to the wedding supper of the lamb. These are the true words of God. 10 And I fell before his feet to worship him. And he says to me: See [that you] not [do this]; I am fellow-slave [of you] and your brothers having the testimony of Jesus. Worship God. For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. 11 And I saw heaven opened, and behold, [a] white horse, and the [one] having sat upon it [is] called trustworthy and true, and with justice he judges and makes war. 12 Now his eyes are [a] flame of fire, and upon his head [are] many diadems, having names written which no one knows except himself, 13 and clothed with [a] garment dipped in blood, and his name is called The Word of God. 14 And the armies in heaven followed him with white horses, clothed with clean white fine-linen. 15 And from his mouth proceeds [a] sharp broad-sword, in order that with it he slaughter the nations, and he shepherds them with [a] rod of iron, and he tramples the winepress of the anger of the wrath of God almighty. 16 And he has upon [his] garment and upon his thigh [a] name written: King of Kings and Lord of Lords. 17 And I saw one angel standing in the sun, and he cried out with [a] great voice saying to all the birds flying in mid-heaven: Come, be gathered to the great supper of God, 18 in order that you eat [the] flesh of kings and [the] flesh of captains and [the] flesh of strong [men] and [the] flesh of horses, and of those having sat upon them, and [the] flesh of everyone free and slave and small and great. 19 And I saw the wild-beast and the kings of the land and their armies gathered to make war against the [one] having sat upon the horse and against his armies. 20 And the wild-beast was seized, and with him the false-prophet having done the signs before him, by which he deceived those having received the mark of the wild-beast and those worshipping his image. The two were thrown zoe-living1 into the lake of fire of burning in sulfur. 21 And the rest were killed with the broad-sword of the [one] having sat upon the horse, which [sword] went out from his mouth, and all the birds were fattened from their flesh.

1from ZOE "ZOH-ay" (ζωη)—Life 'collectively', interdependent, interconnected. Although it means 'life' in the conventional sense (for example: Matt.9:18, Matt.27:63, Luke.2:36, Acts.25:24, Rom.7:2, 2Cor.1:8, 1Thes.4:17, 1Tim.5:10, Rev.19:20), Jesus uses ZOE exclusively of 'life eternal' (with the possible exceptions of Luke.15:13, Luke.16:25). The other N.T. writers use ZOE in both senses—temporal and eternal, generally clear from the context. The Father is the 'zoe-living God' (see Matt.16:16). The Septuagint (LXX) in Gen.2:7 has "...[God] breathed into his nostrils the breath of zoe-life, and the man became a zoe-living psyche-life" (and see 1Cor.15:45); and Gen.3:20 (LXX) "And Adam called his wife's name ZOE, because she was the mother of all zoe-living." Contrast PSYCHE (ψυχη): an individual manifestation of life/consciousness. See John.12:25 where both ZOE and PSYCHE occur. Greek also has the word BIOS (βιoς ) for 'life' in the sense of biological processes.