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II Corinthians 13

1 This third [time] I come to you: In the mouth of two and three witnesses will every word be established. 2 I told [you] before and I tell [you] before, as being present the second [time] and being absent now, to [those] having sinned before and to all the rest, that if I come again, I will not spare, 3 since you seek proof of Christ speaking in me, who to you is not weak but is powerful in you. 4 For he was crucified through weakness, but he zoe-lives1 through [the] power of God. For we also are weak in him, but we will live with him through [the] power of God to you. 5 Be testing yourselves if you are in the faith; be trying yourselves, or do you not know yourselves that Jesus Christ [is] in you, unless you are disqualified. 6 So I hope that you will know that we are not disqualified. 7 So we pray to God that you do no evil, not in order that we be manifested approved, but in order that you do the good, though we be as disqualified. 8 For we are unable [to do] anything against the truth, but [rather] for the truth. 9 For we are glad we are weak, but you are able; and this we pray: [for] your completion. 10 Because of this I being absent write these [things], lest being present I act severely according to the authority which the Lord gave to me for upbuilding and not for downtearing.

11 Finally brothers, be rejoicing, be being restored, be exhorted, be being minded the same, be being at peace, and the God of agape-love and peace will be with you. 12 Greet one another with [a] holy kiss2. All the holy [ones] greet you. 13 The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the agape-love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit [be] with you all.

1from ZOE "ZOH-ay" (ζωη)—Life 'collectively', interdependent, interconnected. Although it means 'life' in the conventional sense (for example: Matt.9:18, Matt.27:63, Luke.2:36, Acts.25:24, Rom.7:2, 2Cor.1:8, 1Thes.4:17, 1Tim.5:10, Rev.19:20), Jesus uses ZOE exclusively of 'life eternal' (with the possible exceptions of Luke.15:13, Luke.16:25). The other N.T. writers use ZOE in both senses—temporal and eternal, generally clear from the context. The Father is the 'zoe-living God' (see Matt.16:16). The Septuagint (LXX) in Gen.2:7 has "...[God] breathed into his nostrils the breath of zoe-life, and the man became a zoe-living psyche-life" (and see 1Cor.15:45); and Gen.3:20 (LXX) "And Adam called his wife's name ZOE, because she was the mother of all zoe-living." Contrast PSYCHE (ψυχη): an individual manifestation of life/consciousness. See John.12:25 where both ZOE and PSYCHE occur. Greek also has the word BIOS (βιoς ) for 'life' in the sense of biological processes.

2from [PHILIA]