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Acts 27

1 So as it was decided [that] we sail away to Italy, they delivered up Paul and some other prisoners to [the] centurion by name Julius of the Sebastus cohort. 2 So having embarked in the boat of Adramuttium, we were brought [about] to be sailing to the places of Asia, Aristarchus of Macedonia of Thessalonia being with us. 3 And on the next [day] we were brought down to Sidon, and Julius treating Paul kindly, he allowed him having gone to his friends to be attaining refreshment. 4 And from there having been brought up we sailed under the lee of Cyrus because of the winds being opposite, 5 and having sailed through the ocean of Sicily and Pamphilia, we came down to Myre of Lycia. 6 And there the centurion having found [an] Alexandrian boat sailing to Italy he put us aboard it. 7 So several days sailing slowly and scarcely coming to be by Knidos, the wind not permitting us further, we sailed under the lee of Crete beneath Salmonene, 8 and scarcely coasting along it, we came to [a] certain place being called Kalos harbor, to which [a] city, Lasaia, was near. 9 So several days having elapsed and the voyage of the ship already being dangerous because of the Fast1 already having passed, Paul recommended, 10 saying to them: Men, I behold that with hardship and much loss not only of cargo and of ship but also of our psyche-lives2 [is] the voyage [about] to be. 11 But the centurion was persuaded by the steersman and the captain3 rather than by the [things] said by Paul. 12 So the harbor being unfavorable for wintering, those sailing placed intention to be brought from there, if perhaps they might be able, having arrived to Phoenicia, to spend the winter, [which is a] harbor of Crete, lying by southwest and by northwest. 13 So when the south-wind favorably blew, having supposed to have attained [their] purpose, having set out they sailed close by Crete. 14 But not long after, [a] gale wind called Euraquilo threw upon them, 15 so the boat having been seized and not being able to be facing the wind, having given in, we were being carried [by it]. 16 Now having run under the lee of a certain island called Clauda we were barely able to be in control of the skiff, 17 which having lifted, they used with helps, undergirdling the ship; and fearing lest they run aground on Syrtis, having let down the kedge, thus were they carried. 18 So we being violently tossed on the next [day], they were doing jettison, 19 And on the third [day] they threw out with their own hands the ship's gear. 20 So neither sun nor stars shining upon the ship for days, and winter having laid upon [us] not [a] little, all hope of us being saved left the rest. 21 And there having been much absence of food, then having stood in their midst Paul said: It was necessary, O men, having been obedient to me, not to go up from Crete to avoid both this hardship and loss. 22 And now I urge you to be being of good cheer, for there will be loss of no psyche-life2 among you, except the ship. 23 For there stood to me this night [an] angel of the God whose I am, to whom I also minister, 27 saying: Be not fearing, Paul. You must stand before Caesar, and behold God has granted to you all those sailing with you. 25 Therefore be of good cheer, men, for I believe in God that thus it will be according to which manner he has spoken to me. 26 Now it is necessary we be running aground on a certain island. 27 Now as fourteen nights came to pass, we being carried [about] in Adrian [Sea], in the middle of the night the sailors were supposing they were approaching some country. 28 And having taken soundings they found twenty fathoms, so having gone on [a] little and again having taken soundings they found fifteen fathoms. 29 And fearing lest we run aground upon rocky places, having thrown four anchors from the stern they were praying for day to come to pass. 30 Now when the sailors were seeking to flee from the ship and having let down the skiff to the sea, in pretense that from [the] stern being [about] to let out anchors, 31 Paul said to the centurion and to the soldiers: If these do not remain in the boat, you are not able to be saved. 32 Then the soldiers cut off the ropes of the skiff and allowed it to fall. 33 Now until day was [about] to come to pass, Paul called upon all to receive nourishment saying: Fourteen days today having waited without eating have you remained, taking nothing. 34 Therefore I call upon you to receive nourishment, for this is towards your salvation. For [a] hair from the head of none [of you] will perish. 35 So having said these [things] and having taken bread, he thanked God before all, and having broken [it] he began to be eating. 36 So all having become of good cheer, they themselves also received nourishment. 37 So we were in all, in the boat, two hundred seventy six psyche-lives2. 38 So having satiated with nourishment, they were lightening the boat throwing the wheat out into the sea. 39 So when day came to pass, they did not know the land, but they were observing a certain bay having [a] beach, to which they were intending, if they might be able, to run the ship aground. 40 And having removed the anchors, they were let into the sea, at the same time having unfastened the ropes of the rudder, and having raised the foresail to the wind, they made for the beach. 41 So having struck [a] sand-bar they ran the ship aground, and the bow, having jammed, remained unmoved, but the stern was loosed by the force. 42 Now [the] intention of the soldiers came to be that they should kill the prisoners, lest any having swum should escape. 43 But the centurion, intending to save Paul, hindered them of [this] intention, and ordered those being able to swim to first go out to the land, 44 and the rest, some on planks, and some upon certain of [the flotsam] from the ship. And thus it came to be [that] all were saved to the land.

1i.e. the Day of Atonement

2from PSYCHE (ψυχη): an individual manifestation of life/consciousness. Animals have PSYCHEs as well as humans. Contrast ZOE (ζωη)—Life 'collectively', interdependent, interconnected.

3or shipowner