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I Corinthians 16

1 Now concerning the collection for the holy [ones], as I commanded the assemblies1 in Galatia, do thusly also. 2 On the first [day of the week] let2 each [of you] be appointing to himself, laying up whatever he may have prospered, in order that the collection not come to pass when I come. 3 So when I arrive, whom you approve, through letters I will send these to bear your gift3 to Jerusalem. 4 And if it be worthwhile for me to be going also, they will go with me. 5 I will come to you when I come through Macedonia, for I come through Macedonia. 6 Perhaps I will stay or even spend the winter with you, in order that you may help me on my way where I may go. 7 For I do not want to see you now in throughfare, for I hope to remain with you some time, if the Lord permit. 8 So I will remain in Ephesus until the Pentecost. 9 For [a] door, great and effective, has been opened to me, and [there are] any opposing [me]. 10 Now if Timothy come, be seeing that he come to be with you without fear, for he works the work of the Lord as I also. 11 No one, therefore, should despise him. Send him on his way in peace, in order that he come to me; for I await him with the brothers. 12 Now concerning Apollo [our] brother, I have called upon him much that he come with the brothers, and his will was not at all that he come now, but he will come when he has opportunity.

13 Be staying awake. Stand in the faith. Be being manly, be becoming strong. 14 Let2 all your [deeds] come to pass in agape-love. 15 Now I call upon you, brothers—you know the house of Stephanas, that he is [the] first-fruits of Achaia and [that] they have designated themselves to the service of the holy [ones]— 16 that you also be submitting yourselves to such and to all co-working and laboring. 17 I rejoice upon the arrival of Stephanas and Phortunatus and Achaicus, for what you lack they have filled up. 18 For they refreshed my spirit and yours. Therefore be knowing such [men].

19 The assemblies1 of Asia greet you. Akylla and Priskilla greet you with the church in their house. 20 All the brothers greet you. Greet one another with [a] holy kiss4. 21 The greeting of [me], Paul, by my own hand. 22 If anyone does not philia-love the Lord, let2 him be accursed5. MARANATHA6. 23 The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ [be]7 with you all. 24 My agape-love [be]8 with you all in Christ Jesus.

1EKKLESIA (εκκλησια) from "called out". Appears 114 times in the N.T., but only in two places in the Gospels ( Matt.16:18 (twice) and Matt.18:17 (twice)). It's worth noting that when Jesus uses the term EKKLESIA, Christian community as we know it didn't yet exist—there were only the disciples. EKKLESIA is apparently different from 'synagogue' (SYNAGOGE (συναγωγη) which occurs 56 times in the N.T.) EKKLESIA is used in secular Greek literature of a popular assembly 'called to assemble', and also of those 'called' to a cult. EKKLESIA is used frequently in the N.T. outside of the Gospels to refer to Christian communities, but in Acts.7:38 it is used of the people of Israel led through the desert by Moses, and in Acts.19:32 ff. of a secular assembly. Thus, all told, the common translation of EKKLESIA as 'church' doesn't really reflect 1st century usage—it seems to mean more like 'a group of people assembled for some specific purpose'.


3from GRACE

4from [PHILIA]

5i.e. something devoted to evil

6Aramaic for "The lord is coming"

7or "[is]"

8or "[is]"