Frequently Asked Questions

What is an e-book?

An e-book is an "electronic book" that you view on your computer -- or you can print it out. The Faithful New Testament is in the industry standard Adobe Acrobat (".pdf") format, so it can be read on both Windows and Macintosh computers. (Sorry, WebTV users cannot view this format.)

How do I download and read my e-book?

  1. You'll need to download The Faithful New Testament. Be sure to make a note of where you saved it on your hard drive so you can find it again!

  2. Save it somewhere in "My Documents". Be sure to make a note of where you save it for the next step!

  3. You're ready to open The Faithful New Testament. Double click on the file you saved in step 2 -- if you already have Adobe Acrobat installed, you'll see the title page to The Faithful New Testament.

    If you don't already have Adobe Acrobat installed, you'll get a message that says that your computer doesn't know how to open this type of file. Click 'Cancel'. Free viewer software for both Windows and Macintosh can be downloaded from their website site at (Many documents available on the web are in Adobe Acrobat format, so it's worth the trouble to install this software.) Download and install it, and return to this step.

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