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Hebrews 8

1 But the main point of that being said [is this]: We have such [a] chief-priest, who sat at the right of the throne of greatness in the heavens, 2 minister of the holy [ones] and of the true tabernacle, which the Lord pitched, not man. 3 For every chief-priest, when bringing [a] gift, also appoints [a] sacrifice; wherefore [he] has necessity to bring something in addition to that which he brought. 4 If therefore he was upon land, neither was he priest, while that being brought was the gifts according to the law, 5 which [is] in pattern and shadow of the heavenly they minister, just as it was revealed when Moses was [about] to complete the tabernacle, for: See, I say, you will do everything according to the pattern having been shown you in the mountain. 6 But he has not attained [a] more outstanding ministry, as much as he is arbitrator of a greater1 contract, which upon [a] greater promise is enacted law. 7 For if that first was faultless, place would not have been sought for [a] second. 8 For, fault being found with them, he says,
Behold [the] days come, says [the] Lord,
And I will complete upon the house [of] Israel
and upon the house [of] Judah [a] new contract2
9 Not according to the contract which I made with their fathers
In the day of my taking hold of their hand
To lead them out of the land of Egypt,
For they did not abide in my contract,
And I ignored them, says the Lord.
10 For this contract3 [is] what I will contract
to the house of Israel
After those days, says the Lord,
Giving my laws to their mind4,
And upon their heart will I write them,
And I will be to them for God,
And they will be to me for people.
11 And they will not each teach his citizen,
And each his brother, saying, Know the Lord.
For all will know me
From small until their great.
12 For I will be merciful to their injustices,
And I will not still remember their sins.

13 In saying "new" he makes old the first. But that [thing] growing old [and] aging [is] near disappearance.

1or "stronger", "more effective"

2or "testament", "covenant"

3or "testament", "covenant"

4or "intellect"